Excavating & Grading

We are excited to now also offer Price’s Excavating Service. Our fleet of heavy equipment includes: a dump truck, compact track loader, skid steer, excavator, and a bulldozer.

Excavator loaded up at the end of the work day and headed home

Road Building

We create vehicle access building gravel roads and driveways for all sorts of situations, including for new construction or farm use.

Building Site Prep

We can dig your footing foundations or get a site ready for pouring a pad. Ready to serve your needs both for residential and commercial building sites.

Drainage Improvement

When your yard has wet, marshy areas with poor drainage, we can help. Likewise, please contact us right away if you’re seeing too much water and dampness in your basement or crawl space.

Septic Tank & Lines

If you’re putting in a new septic tank and/or lines, you’ll need an excavating service for sure. We can also help with replacements, repairs, and maintenance of such.

Land Clearing

Combined with our tree services and chipping machine, we can make short work of overgrown or forested areas that you’d like to clear building, livestock or simply improving the view.

Trench Digging

Our heavy machinery makes it easy to dig trenches for water and sewer lines, drainage pipes, buried electric service, or cable & phone lines.

Road Maintenance

If your road or driveway are getting a little rough, call us to smooth over the situation and dress things up with some more slate & gravel as needed.


We can do fine grading to prepare for your new landscaping, or work to create gentler slopes or a smoother ride on the mower. Let’s create the yard you really want starting with the topography.

Jason Price in a large drain culvert installed on a driveway project in Greene County, TN
Our brand new CAT 306 excavator