Tree Services Too!

Here’s a quick recap of the capabilities of our licensed & insured tree service. For more detail or a tree service estimate, visit our other website

Tree climbing for tree pruning and tree removal in tight spots

Tree Removal

We can safely remove trees of any size and make sure that buildings and landscaping features are safe during the process.

Stump Grinding

We will grind the stump to below surface and either spread or remove the resulting wood chips based on your preference.

Tree Pruning

We offer crown thinning, structural pruning, vista pruning, dead-wood removal, and shaping for any tree or large shrubbery.

Tree Climbing

Climbing allows us to safely remove dangerous trees close to buldings, and work at heights or in areas where the bucket truck can not be used.

Commercial Services

Price’s Tree Service has extensive experience serving commercial customers and is happy to work through your bidding and procurement practices.

Chipping Brush

We’ll chip up and remove any brush, limbs, and even whole trees. We can remove and dispose of the chips or leave them with you for landscaping or livestock.

Bucket Truck

Our bucket trucks allow us to quickly reach and work in difficult areas so that we can work extremely efficiently.

Emergency Tree Service

Call us anytime for emergency tree removal service.

Storm Cleanup

The communities in an around the mountains are prone to strong storms and are heavily forested. Our team can quickly cleanup after the storm, saving you time and frustration.

Tree removal close to home and power lines accomplished by tree climbing